That Song

Jun. 25th, 2013 12:52 am
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That Song

the song's been stuck in you
for days—when you're happy
it's there
even though it's not happy
when you're glum
it's there
even though it's not glum

ups and downs
whispers and cries
lyrics that really aren't
so meaningful

background music to your life
except when your life is fighting
it out of your head.

you need a support group
but they always start with tell me how you feel
and everyone hears the song but no one hears
the music you do
no one can
no one cares, anyway
when people are starving and cutting and eating each other
alive, that's pain. you're not in pain.

so you're alone, but you don't have to be
stop thinking you have to go it alone

you can't tell them how you feel because you don't
feel them, more than you feel wire or bill or dust
the world is your oyster
but you don't need a pearl.

you don't know why the world is gray
you don't know why you feel the music

you can shut them out
but you can't get me out of your head.

Notes: For the prompt "beauty" and the theme "incite" on this bingo card.


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